Why You Should Invest in Content Creation to Improve your SEO

Web design, fonts and colors make up your brand; they are the reason why people love to visit your page.  But the fact still remains that good content is the driving force that makes them take action. Content creation is what gives your webpage the “sought-after” tag and, as such should rank high on your

Are Press Release Good for SEO ?

Press Releases used to be the rave back in the day in the SEO community, although there are new and improved methods of improving SEO, back then they were frequently used in directing more traffic to a website. The question is, are they still useful for SEO? Read on to find out the current relevancy

Why Link Building Is So Important

Link building is a useful SEO tool, and for any brand looking to thriving in the ever-changing internet landscape, link building should not be neglected. Read on to discover the importance of link building and why you should get on the train.   What is link building  Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks

SEO outreach as a tool to run an effective digital marketing campaign

From google to yahoo, it's no longer a secret that powerhouse search Engines have popularised the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a tool for increasing their visibility and getting patronage for brands. Below is a thorough insight into how SEO can be deployed as an outreach tool to achieve desired marketing results.  SEO

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