Link building is a useful SEO tool, and for any brand looking to thriving in the ever-changing internet landscape, link building should not be neglected. Read on to discover the importance of link building and why you should get on the train.

What is link building 

Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from authority sites relevant to building your brand and using them onto your own. A hyperlink or a link is used to direct users to your page. Also, it is a way for users to navigate between pages on your website. 

Whether you’re brand new to link building or have been doing it for a while, within this article lies some useful information on link building and its importance to your business. 

Due to the ever-changing SEO sphere on the internet, brands require link from high authority sites to promote their own businesses. It’s essential to understand how to go about this the right way to implement high quality campaigns necessary to thrive only. Also, truth be told, the use of backlinks will not wane off the internet anytime soon. 

There are several techniques to adopt in carrying out an effective link building, and thus they vary in difficulty as well. Undeniably, SEO experts agree that link building is one of the most challenging aspects of their job. With this in mind, most spend a lot putting in effort to ensure they do it well. Before we get to these techniques, let’s take at how links are created.

  • The beginning: this is known as the anchor or the first part of the link. This first part opens the link tag and indicates to search engines what the link leads to. This part of the link is identified by an “a”.
  • Link referral location: this is the location to which the URL is directed to. It could be an image, a web page, or to a downloadable file. This part of the link is identified with a “href”. 
  • Visible text of link: it consists of a short text which users could see as a clickable link. This text often stands out from surrounding text by virtue of colour or size.
  • Closure: this part of the link indicates to search engines that the link is complete.

Why Link Building is so important

Aside from its many advantages it provides to businesses, link building is also vital in increasing SEO ranking. Here are reasons why business cannot afford not to use backlinks.

  1. Without backlinks, Google won’t find new pages

This is often termed as the most straightforward explanation to why backlinks are important. They are like spider webs upon which Google crawls through the internet to find new pages. Just like finding cities with a map, backlinks are maps of the internet important for Google backlinks to find, crawl and index pages on a website. A better analogy of what backlinks do could be related to finding a new city using a map. It is much easier to identify and locate a new city if it is linked to a famous old city than when it is not. That is exactly what backlinks do.

Imperatively, this directly leads to faster indexing, and higher rankings, in a shorter period. Because backlinks are Google’s internet navigation tool, building a bunch of them to your website helps to boost the average time it takes for SEO to work. (On average, it takes around 4-6 months). 

  1. Backlinks Help Google in website reputation management

To decide whether your website is reputable and worthy of being put out there for the audience, Google reputation tools lookout for the links in your posts and how strong they are. One could say Google isn’t human so why worry so much about reputation? The algorithms within it, however, act as such, and the result of it is why the internet is exactly how it is today.

You this is unnecessary? Here’s why it’s not. Google’s main aim is to point searchers to the direction with the best possible results for their query, which also means startups stand little or no chance, unlike authority sites. Because of this, you need backlinks to place you right on the same position as authority sites thus making you more reputable.

  1. Your site’s credibility is measured by the relevance of your backlink

It’s just like a street credibility kind of stuff. When a new guy comes into the business, you need the help of the big guys in convincing customers your business is just as good as theirs. You can also see it as a “you rise by lifting others” kind of situation. Following on from the explanation of Google wanting to show the highest quality results for a user’s search query, backlinks are also relevant because they boost credibility. On the other hand, collecting backlinks from unauthoritative sites will do your website little or no good. Take at a situation of the blind leading another blind. 

  1. To Drive Traffic to your Website

Undeniable one of the most important marketing benefits. Besides, Google’s aim is showing the audience the best possible results, and on the other hand, backlinks from authority site put you right on the spotlight; this instantly means more traffic to your website. 

Furthermore, this benefit of using backlink is also important when strategising for referral traffic to your site. Even, Google perceives sites with lots of traffic as trustworthy as such, they’ll have higher SERPs. 

Irrespective of the source, either through a social media share, guest post submission or directory listing, anyone who clicks a backlink and lands on your site helps to boost your referral traffic. In light of this, when you’re implementing your own link building strategy, aim for backlinks from relevant, high-authority sites with a Domain Authority of 40+. Such websites have a bigger, established audience and a better chance of increasing the overall traffic to your website.

  1. Improved brand visibility

The word guest post must sound very familiar to you. Do you know how they work? And do you know they are an excellent way to get right and quality backlinks? 

There are a different set of views for every guest posting website. Nice, each time you share a guest post on a new website, it increases your chance of brand visibility. Bloggers and publishers are continuously searching for new and viral content and strategies to drive more traffic to their sites.  

Hence, sharing your content with such site or them backlinking to your website is an excellent way of advertising your brand and in turn improving visibility.

  1. Better conversion rate

A different influencer in the industry has different set of audiences. Identifying the particular influencer relevant to your niche and backlinking content through them is the first step to better conversion rates. 

When influencers share your content, it becomes visible to a huge set of audience instantly. And because it is shared by a renowned person, users are most likely to check it out. This can have a great impact on your reach.

How to Get Sites to link to you

Having discoursed the importance of backlinking, let take a look at few of the best methods to go about backlinking. There are a variety of strategies to get external websites to link to yours. Here are a few examples:

  1. Content creation

Considered as one of the most powerful and effecting methods gaining external links. Creating high-quality and compelling content encourages other sites to want to link to you, thus, making it easier to drive the much-desired traffic to your website and in turn increase conversions.

  1. Requesting for links from colleagues

It is easier to grow if you’re amid like minds. Link building can be easy as ABC if you have friends who you work with and are willing to link to our site. Like I said earlier, their content has to be relevant to our niche. Relevance is important.

  1. Sourcing for reviews and mentions

Never hesitate to put yourself out there, always source for reviews for your product, services and website. Especially from high authority sites whom you’re sure their reviews and mentions will echo to the ends of the earth.

  1. Making use of outreach service

Although there are several tested methods of building links independently, most brands depend on link outreach services or agency. Most times, relying on them guarantee a safe and reliable link building process. Undeniably a right link building agency can fetch you the best links from high authority websites relevant to building your website. 

To sum it up, No SEO strategy is complete without link building. While link building is recognised as one of the most difficult and time-consuming SEO tactics, it can help your site rank significantly higher, bring you more traffic and grow your business significantly

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