From google to yahoo, it’s no longer a secret that powerhouse search Engines have popularised the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a tool for increasing their visibility and getting patronage for brands.

Below is a thorough insight into how SEO can be deployed as an outreach tool to achieve desired marketing results. 

SEO outreach a useful digital marketing tool

Brands now recognize the significance of Search Engine Optimization in growing their businesses. With the ever-increasing number of social media users, unarguably SEO and social media must go hand in hand, to solidify digital marketing strategy. SEO Outreach is so vital, such that it can make or mar a company’s SEO results. 

The primary aim of outreach is to create backlinks from off-site to client website. Such links tend to enhance the organic rankings thereby increasing the visibility of the company to new audiences, driving extremely eligible organic and referral traffic to the client’s website. Likewise, outreach consequently increases brand familiarity and boost credibility.

Tactically, the most vital drivers for outreach are:

  • Creativity – A very competitive link- building dome, requires an ingenious approach to get the awareness of highly ranked bloggers. 
  • Value – A company must understand that the value proposition must be strong enough to attract relevant bloggers.
  • Relevance – When dishing out content, the aimed audience should be the focus. As such, content must be relevant to them and correlate with the client’s business as well. The bloggers must be relevant to the client.

Besides deploying the services of reliable service agency such as First Man. Read on for essential tips and concise breakdown, to assist you in SEO outreach in achieving an effective digital marketing campaign.

  1. Set  your target

In creating a catchy SEO social media digital marketing strategy, the foremost step is lay down goals that conform to your business objectives. Your goals should be precise, measurable, realistic, relevant and time-dependent, to be able to determine the return on investment (ROI).  Setting your target will guide you in aiding your action to accomplishing positive results. It is necessary to access your progress, to know if you need to make changes to achieve your set out goal. 

  1. Understanding client target markets

SEO handler must be strategic and creative to aim at publishing websites and develop a suitable content in creating and marketing a client’s content for the purpose of link-building. Most times, SEO agencies are technically adept but short of the creative knack to using their technical expertise for SEO outreach in digital marketing strategy. We can’t overstress on the importance of “relevance” as a very key factor to convince bloggers to acknowledge content and for potential customers to engage on the content. 

Hence, the digital marketing agency must have clear insights about the client’s products and services with sheer understanding on the core values about services else, published content will be seen by audience as irrelevant, ingenuine and unreliable. Because whatever, results from the backlinking will be discarded if there is no traffic and conversions. 

Digital marketing agency must have profound knowledge of the client’s market. Know what really works and what doesn’t for their brand.

  1. Spotting  and vetting relevant bloggers

Below are some of the key methods used to create list of potential off-site link-building opportunities:

  • Search Engine Queries – A reputable digital marketing agency such as First Man can immediately spot bloggers,  that have a strong organic presence and allow other contributions. This could be achieved by carrying out a wide range of advanced and specialised searches on Google and other search engines. 
  • Insider Knowledge – To learn about the websites, blogs and social media sites of influence that relates to the client’s niche, digital marketing agency collects data from the client’s staff. 
  • Social Media Monitoring – Blogger outreach is quite crucial, for the digital marketing agency must reach out to influential bloggers in the industry. This could be done by conducting a keyword search. This would establish a communication line for the agency to the contents they put out.
  • Referrals – In referral, blogger outreach is important, digital marketing agency can recognize very qualified bloggers by merely asking for referrals. Bloggers have a co-existing relationship among themselves which makes it possible to assist agencies in providing referrals.  In recent times, guest blogging has become a major SEO outreach strategy but must be done using very quality content to set up relevant links. 

  1. Developing topic & pitch tactics.

There are some prominent techniques, that can be deployed to get the attention of bloggers and obtain the needed results for clients. Digital marketing agency must bear in mind, the needs of both the client and bloggers when devising SEO outreach campaigns.

Since competition to get content published is very stern, below are the techniques to help you surmount the hurdle and get your content out there.

  • Expanding on an incomprehensive topic– Digital marketing agency looks for topics on publisher’s website that are inept or not comprehensive enough, then pitches the idea on writing in details on them. 
  • Posting an outdated post – Digital marketing agency search for a set of blogger’s website for a successful post that is outdated, then pitch the idea of making the client present an up to date content.
  • Missing category – An agency finds a loophole in the target blogger’s content, then pitches the idea of filling it with strings of contents. 
  • Latest News and hot topics – Pinpointing latest news and hot topics in a niche and then pitch the vital information and professional analysis to target bloggers.
  • Targeting previously engaged bloggers on social media – People who have engaged in the client’s content in the past on social media must be set apart.  For example, those who shared a link mentioning the brand. They can be asked if they have an interest in publishing a content specially made for their blog/website.

It is noteworthy that developing topic and pitching tactics can decide the fate of an SEO outreach campaign. A highly technical digital marketing agency like First Man takes note of examples of successful pitch campaigns as well as, the performance metrics and pitch tactic. A very effective pitching tool you can use is “Pitchbox”.

  1. Analyze the competition

Knowing your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses could be counterproductive if properly harnessed. By learning about what makes their campaign formidable, It gives you an insight into what you should start doing to improve your SEO campaign and what you must not do. 

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  1. Blogger Outreach

Bulk customization must be the outlook of every digital marketing agency. It is a process that requires two major things, which are: Personalization and scalability. Both of which are of great importance for effective outreach. 

  1. Personalization method

A successful outreach as to do with a thorough review of blogger websites to pinpoint what their content really needs.  Pitching to bloggers via email can have a standardized template to a certain extent, but content must be directed to individual while carrying their contact name. Note, you must find out about the blogger backlink requirements, so you don’t violate them, as the idea you are pitching is very likely to be rejected if you do. 

Make sure you are pitching in the correct format. Brand and contact names must be correctly spelt. Make sure to edit content perfectly, leaving no room for grammatical errors. 

Email follow up must be personalized. Follow up is very key, especially if they fail to respond. 

  1. Characteristics of a scalable outreach process

Putting trust in freelance might not be so effective. An agency of seeking maximum outreach outcome must execute most of the job from blogger research, pitch strategy, creating a captivating pitch content, SEO research, follow-up and tracking, analysis of pitch outcome etc. One of the main reasons to have an experienced digital marketing agency like First Man handling an SEO outreach is because, for a niche where an agency already built a relationship with the bloggers who are major players in that niche, the agency can get the outreach operational fast enough.

A digital marketing agency should be able to relate to the client the strategy deployed for SEO outreach. This creates a form of trust between the agency and the client.

  1. Evaluation and Analysis

While some data such as several social shares from content are not so easy to analyse, there are specific ones like number of direct backlinks created are more definite. Proficient evaluation and analysis of an outreach performance are very crucial to the success of an SEO outreach and campaign.  However, follow up to get the concise details of results is key as well. The Following are important data, that must be reviewed. 

  • Social shares – The number of shares of content is an important data that must be analyzed as stated earlier, data can be collected from various online monitoring tools. 
  • Created backlinks – Any outreach analysis begins with the number of links created directly and indirectly from each outreach placement. Direct links are backlinks from publishing websites, while indirect links are backlinks from other websites that replicate the placed content.
  • SEO keyword result – Backlinks should lead directly to the client’s homepage. Once backlinks are created, links to homepage should raise domain authority. And interior links should raise the organic ranking of related pages. If these major things are occurring, the outreach campaign can be termed as successful. 

SEO outreach as a tool to run an effective digital marketing campaign cannot be overemphasized. However, it is quite important that a client entrusts their SEO outreach to a reputable agency such as First Man who has a knack for ensuring all necessary SEO tools and measures are used to archive the ultimate SEO campaign goal as precisely explained in this article.

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